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Active Management

Active Management

Content Six Steps To Creating An Emergency Fund Active Management Next Steps To An Active Investment Strategy Active Investment Definition Passive Investing Disadvantages They can help you design and execute a plan that will help you meet your financial goals. Active investors use a variety of assets to execute their trading strategy. According to the […]

Beaxy Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

Beaxy Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

Beaxy Exchange presents itself as a “next-generation digital asset exchange” whose vision is bridging the gaps between the industries of cryptocurrency trading and legacy finance. It is somewhat similar to what Binance offers, along with a powerful trading engine, much more specific order type options, lower fees, and a professional customer support team.  Beaxy Exchange […]


What is Covered Call Options Strategy?

The Covered Call is a type of options strategy that involves selling a call option or the contract between a buyer and a seller, also referred to as the holder and the writer, respectively.  A call option is basically the contract between a buyer and a seller to security. Both parties agree to a certain […]


Binary options trading robots: 4 best robots review

Market trading becomes easier every year. New tools are created, people have to put in less effort, the efficiency is raised. Such tools are binary options robots in particular. Today we shall talk about what is a binary options robot, what are the 4 best bots, and a short review about them. Read more on […]

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Gold trading tips in forex

Trading gold forex involves careful consideration of different aspects that will enable you to profitable trading. As with any trading instrument, there is no exact best way to trade forex gold. However, traders from different markets can smoothly sail in forex gold trading as they can make use of learned technical strategies they utilize on […]