What is LexaTrade and Can This Broker Be Trusted?

Trading is always a risky deal. The true risks, however, are in the proper broker selection. There are just too many scams out there! We have recently received a lot of questions regarding the LexaTrade site. We decided to have a closer look at the broker and make a verdict whether LexaTrade is a scam […]

RaceOption – подробный анализ брокера и отзывы трейдеров

What is RaceOption?

RaceOption is an online broker that specializes mainly in trading binary options, foreign exchange, and CFDs. It operates on a platform that has been built upon tests and trials that have made it to what it is today. The RaceOption trading platform is a somewhat altered version of the SpotOption trading platform and has amassed […]

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Binary.com Scam?

It is common for brokerage firms to receive the chagrin of netizens. The net is replete of stories of investors and traders losing their hard-earned money, which they had saved from years of patiently keeping a desk job and painstakingly delving into their initial trading endeavors. One such that had become a conversation starter among […]


What is Covered Call Options Strategy?

The Covered Call is a type of options strategy that involves selling a call option or the contract between a buyer and a seller, also referred to as the holder and the writer, respectively.  A call option is basically the contract between a buyer and a seller to security. Both parties agree to a certain […]

What is Forex Trading

What is Binary Options trading?

Binary options are an all-or-nothing option type where traders would risk a certain amount of capital that would either be won or lost depending on a factor. This factor is that traders would make a prediction on whether the price of an underlying asset would move to a specific price at a specific time. If […]